Gastric Sleeve Surgery

Gastric sleeve surgery is a type of weight loss surgery offered at The Surgeons Collective in Perth. Sometimes referred to as obesity surgery or bariatric surgery, this type of surgery is used to help patients with chronic obesity and consists of reducing the size of the stomach. At The Surgeons Collective in Perth we help you prepare for your surgery, and we surround you with a team of surgeons, dietitians and health professionals who work together as a multi-disciplinary team committed to delivering excellent outcomes.

Gastric sleeve surgery: What is it?

If you are a suitable candidate for weight loss surgery, come and speak to our weight loss surgeons at The Surgeons Collective in Perth. They will be able to discuss the most suitable surgery type for your obesity.  A gastric sleeve procedure is a common type of weight loss surgery performed by our bariatric surgeons. To help you through your weight loss journey, our surgeons and dietitians work closely together.

Gastric Sleeve

A gastric sleeve procedure reduces the size of your stomach, so you feel full with smaller portions of food. The weight loss results of this type of surgery are very good and our experienced surgeons will help you prepare for the surgery as well as support you through recovery.

As a team of experienced health professionals, we also commit to offering you expert care, kindness and support. We are aware of the life-changing character of weight loss surgery, and will be here to listen, help, clarify and support you on every step of the journey.

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At The Surgeons Collective we work as a team of expert surgeons, as well as hepatologists, gastro-enterologists and accredited dietitians.


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Gastric sleeve procedure in more detail

A gastric sleeve surgery is a common and new type of weight loss surgery, performed via keyhole surgery.  The name refers to the fact that your stomach is transformed into a “sleeve” like shape, by removing over 80% of the stomach.  Our stomach normally holds a volume of about 2500ml, and using a stapling technique the bariatric surgeon will reduce that volume to roughly 15% of its original size: typically the stomach size after weight loss surgery through a gastric sleeve procedure sits round 200ml.

After you have had a gastric sleeve surgery (also called sleeve gastrectomy), you will feel full after a smaller food portion compared to before you had the surgery. By restricting the amounts of calories you have every meal, sustained weight loss is created and this is reinforced by the dietary advice you get from our team of dietitians. At The Surgeons Collective, helping you is a team effort where you get the best of each health professional. With diet advice, we focus on your recovery after the surgery, maintaining your weight loss results and optimising your overall health with a personalised nutrition plan.

A gastric sleeve surgery has also shown reduced ghrelin hormone levels in patients. The ghrelin hormone is also called the hunger hormone.  This adds to the overall success rates of gastric sleeve procedures.

Your surgeons

Mr Siva Sundararajan & Dr Adrian Teo

Pros and cons to consider with gastric sleeve surgery

Like with any surgery, surgical procedures contain certain risks and it is important to speak to your specialist surgeon and obtain a comprehensive diagnosis and an overview of your options. It is also recommended to seek a second opinion, for example from your general practitioner who may use a Dexa scan to assess your body composition, and who looks at your overall medical history and medical fitness.

The pros of gastric sleeve surgery include:

  • Highly effective in terms of weight loss results and almost comparable to Roux-en-y gastric bypass (RYGB).
  • No foreign body is implanted (like the band in a Gastric Band procedure)
  • No anastomoses (rejoining of bowel) needed like a RYGB
  • No risk of internal hernia as seen with RYGB

The cons to consider when you are discussing a gastric sleeve surgery:

  • Not reversible
  • Risk of “staple line leaks”
  • Narrowing of the sleeve stomach causing difficulties when eating
  • Heartburn (which may sometimes require additional surgery)

Your dietitians

Ms May Kang & Ms Gemma Gilbert

Diet after gastric sleeve surgery

When you plan your gastric sleeve surgery with The Surgeons Collective in Perth, you get the full support of our experienced surgeons and dietitians before, during and after your surgery. This includes detailed advice and support to implement a diet that supports the maintenance of your weight loss, as well as your overall health and recovery.  The diet generally consists of:

  • Optifast® program for 2-4 weeks preoperatively as recommended by your surgeon
  • Clear fluids for 1-2 days after surgery
  • Week 1-2 - Full fluid diet
  • Week 3-4  - Puree diet
  • Week 5 – Soft diet
  • Week 6 – Normal diet of 3 small meals

If you are considering weight loss surgery, you can count on our total commitment to excellent surgical outcomes, and on our full support as you go through this journey. We will be here to help you with clear communication, kindness and genuine care, as we plan the tests and your surgery, and as we help you create a sustainable change in your life. If you have any questions about obesity surgery in general, please speak to our team of friendly receptionists and we will be happy to help you.


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Our dietitian Gemma Gilbert explains you will need to carefully watch what you eat, before and after any form of bariatric surgery. A gastric sleeve diet will require you to be vigilant about what you eat and how often you eat.

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