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Gastric sleeve cost: what fees should I expect?

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The cost of bariatric surgery can vary, so it’s important to know what you are paying for. Costs include your consultation, your surgery, working with a dietitian and long-term aftercare. Having a package price makes it easier for patients to know what weight loss surgery will cost them

Weighing the costs with gastric sleeve surgery

You’ve tried countless diets and been in and out of your GP’s office far too often. But still, you can’t get to or stay at a healthy weight. The cost to your health - and to your back pocket from so many doctor visits - has taken a toll. But you’re worried about the cost of weight loss surgery. What fees should you expect? Will you get Medicare coverage? And what other gastric sleeve costs do you need to think about? For example, will you need to pay for after-care and for seeing a dietitian?

What is the cost of bariatric surgery?

Weight loss surgery fees in Perth can vary, depending on who you see and the package of services they offer. Our Perth bariatric surgical team believes in keeping it simple. You will have an initial consultation, which is a separate fee. This is an important appointment for all patients. Here, you will meet one of our sleeve gastrectomy surgeons and discuss your options.

Once you’ve decided that gastric sleeve surgery is right for you, the procedure and aftercare are charged as a package. That includes the dietitian assessment and education, weight loss surgery cost and follow up with your surgeon and dietitian for one year. The Anaesthetist’s fees are separate to your surgeons you will need to liaise with them direct with regards to any out of pocket costs they may charge. Of course, we always recommend that you contact your health fund to check your coverage.


Thinking beyond the surgery: long-term care for gastric sleeve patients

You might wonder if your aftercare and dietitian’s costs are included in your bariatric surgery fees. We know from experience that diet and education are crucial to the success of gastric sleeve surgery. That’s why we package your dietitian assessment, diet education and the surgeon’s and assistant’s fees all together.

It means you get the care you need without any additional costs. Once you have gastric sleeve surgery, you will need to change your eating habits. That’s difficult to do on your own. And that’s where working with a dietitian and long-term support from your surgeon is so important.

How our Perth bariatric surgery practice tackles the cost

When you visit our weight loss surgery Perth clinic, we explain the full cost of bariatric surgery. Our practice has two gastric sleeve specialists -- Mr Siva Sundararajan and Mr Adrian Teo and we offer two different price structures. So, it’s important that you ask for a quote from your surgeon of choice. Both are highly accomplished bariatric surgeons with international experience.

Another bariatric surgery cost consideration we will talk to you about is Medicare coverage. For many patients, Medicare does cover some of the cost of your surgery and first consultation with your surgeon. Our weight loss practice in Perth will help you understand the full fee structure and what you should expect.

If you are considering weight loss surgery, you can count on our team’s total commitment, our excellent surgical outcomes, and on our full support as you go through this journey. Come and see us to find out more.

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